In some cases, you must call this method before you call the method that will use the keystrokes. I dont think trying to combine M and the ^{ESC} for sendkeys will work just because that only sends the letter M after you make the windows start menu appear, where as the windows key sends a different key code or VK_KEY ( Virtual Key Code ) so unless you can figure out how to get sendkeys to send an actual keycode I think the only way would be to do it the way I mentioned. The second parameter 9 means: to active and display the window. Send Key list. The SendKeys method is used to send keystrokes to the currently active window as if they where typed from the keyboard. Alt + Shift # Win. VBA_SendKeysでWINボタンを押す方法!部分スクショを取る方法!VBAでウインドウズボタンを押したい!!と思ったことはありませんか?例えば、WINDOWS10で新たに追加された、win+Shift+Sのスクリーンショットです。Sh (However, note that this does not work in Windows 8.) everything I see says to use {F2} but the {} do not work for me, I found success in the []. Ctrl + S would be the key combination).. ^ Ctrl ! To do this currently I am using SendKeys "{F2}" which works but when I use a keyboard shortcut (Such As Ctrl-D) the program sees the command as Ctrl F2. I don't think you can do this using SendKeys, you will need to p/invoke to an API function instead, probably keybd_event to send either CTRL+ESC or the Windows key. This example uses the Shell function to run the Calculator application included with Microsoft Windows. Here is an example of opening the start menu this way in VB and here is keybd_event with its C# signature on In statement 1, VBA selects all, then press “c”. The keystrokes are being sent to the active window. Each key is represented by one or more characters, such as a for the character "a", or {ENTER} for the ENTER key.. To combine a key with SHIFT, precede the key code with + (plus sign). This is useful to automate a script on various windows or a window outside of Excel. Quick reference for the Send( "keys" [, flag] ) Command. You also don't mention what you're using to do your SendKeys implementation. I am having a bit of an issue trying to get the sendkey to work with a function key. SendKeys(String As String, [Wait]) Where, The first argument ‘String As String’ specifies the key combinations that you wanted to use under the program (Ex. The keys argument can specify any single key or any key combined with ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT (or any combination of those keys). I just can not get it to hit the F2 key. SendKeys.Send("^{ESC}") There is no "win key", just shift + escape, which does the same thing. For example, to send the letter S the command would be object.SendKeys "S". The application key would work the same way. Microsoft Excel VBA Run SendKeys "{F2}" Macro With ShortCut Causes Print to Appear I want to end a macro in edit mode so that the person can just start typing. You can use the SendKeys method in your VBA code, to simulate keystrokes that you would manually input in the active window. The following runs the notepad.exe and bring the notepad to the front. For example, to send a password to a dialog box, you must call the SendKeys method before you display the dialog box. Re: Sendkeys to simulate left-click The entire program consists of copying some values from an excel worksheet and pasting them in specific text boxes in on a webpage opened in Internet Explorer. Single alphanumeric keystrokes can simply be specified using a string representation of the character required. works great with some functions like home and even tab, enter etc. However if you really need to hit the winkey via sendkeys, you need to do it like this. To combine a key with CTRL, precede the key code with ^ (caret). If you're using .NET (C# or VB.NET) and you aren't trying to send between different privilege contexts, then there is an app.config entry that might help, read the note on the SendKeys class SendKeys Class (System.Windows.Forms) Wait would be an optional parameter which takes Boolean values TRUE and FALSE. (To see the example, paste it into a procedure, and then run the procedure. object.SendKeys Keystrokes. 「VBA SendKeys Windowsキー 」といったキーワード検索でのアクセスがありました。 たしかに「SendKeys “{WIN}”」や「SendKeys “{LWIN}”」といったコードを実行してもエラーになるだけなので、Windowsキーを送信したいときはどうすれば良いのか悩んでしまうかもしれませんが、Wikipediaにも書 … A typical SendKeys macro will only use Windows Script Host methods. Danke schonmal im Vorraus In statement 2, VBA selects all then copied everything that was selected. I would post the code, but I haven't written it yet. Hallo zusammen, wie kann ich mit sendkeys die windows Taste simulieren also so das das Startmenü geöffnet wird?

which is shift + F10, however these types of automated keystrokes always tend to be buggy with sendkeys. In other words, it won’t necessarily include any statements from any scripting languages such as VBScript or Jscript.

You could actually use WScript.Shell object (COM Automation) to SendKeys to the active window, in which case, you could do something as powerful as macros.

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