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The Zero Mortals Plan is a trans-temporal conflict that involves multiple instances of the disruption of space and time, where various versions of Zamasu attempt a universal genocide of humans and gods. Zamasu's destiny changed forever when Son Goku, arriving as a tag-along with Universe 7 God of Destruction Beerus, came to the Universe 10 Planet of the Kais. Future Zamasu †Goku Black †Fused Zamasu † Follow/Fav Zero Chakra Plan. For Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PS4 Raid on now: Zero Mortals Plan". Accessibility Help. Endife is a Saiyan of divine blood. Belligerents War is hell. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Though he made no actions against Mortal-kind himself at this point, he questioned why the Kais did not intervene in Mortal civilizations which had - in his eyes - grown beyond redemption. On the day Bulma finished the development of the Time-Fuel, Black was able to track Trunks to her lab, killing her and destroying the facilities for any further fuel creation. No longer willing to tolerate Mortals - between tea-making sessions - Zamasu started to investigate Goku, finding out about his many battles in Universe 7 and his God-Rivaling strength. The final step in laying the foundations for his scheme was the recruitment of a worthy ally - someone who would unwaveringly share his vision for a perfect world, and who he could talk about his feelings and hopes for the future with. Future Zamasu answers that he is the Zamasu from Future Trunks' alternate timeline, and he teamed up with Goku Black (the Zamasu from the past). Fortunately, all of this was suppressed until one fateful meeting with the Gods of Universe 7. Tag Archives: Zero Mortals Plan NEW PQ: Zamasu’s Zero Mortals Plan [DLC – unofficial] becks7 | October 9, 2016. With the Time-Ring, he traveled to the Future Timeline, created by the meddling in history caused by Trunks of Universe 7. Recruit Zamasu to your team and Dokkan Awaken him! Lots and lots of vore. FUTURE TRUNKS SAGA MINI PACK Now available in Spanish and English (choosing other languages will make the game crash) First of all, you will find two versions: Story Mode and Free CAC Mode Story Mode (Recommended): Some quests will choose characters … Alternate Names Zamasu brought his concerns once again to Gowasu. We aim to grow to support many more games and modding communities. Future Zamasu †Goku Black †Fused Zamasu † Hoping this incident would put to rest his apprentice's mistrust of Mortals, Gowasu ordered up some more tea. He often questioned the worth of mortals, as they often repeat a cycle as Zamasu would interpret as: "They prosper, they war, they fall." Custom arrangement for Zero Mortals Plan, from the Dragon Ball Super OST. It will be complete when all remaining life has been extinguished. Facebook. Witnessing Trunks' fated demise, Chronoa (the Kai of Time of Universe 7, Supreme Commander of the Time Patrol, and Trunks' former boss and/or dom) sent Tony Cold and Iced Kovacs to prevent Trunks' death, and aid in the battle against Black (ordinarily The Time Patrol would be only concerned with maintaining continuity of already established events. Hoping to settle his doubts one last time, the pair went to the Planet Babari to observe its population. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This methodology shocked Gowasu, since such Destruction lay only in the realm of the Gods of Destruction, not the Kais, whose role was creation and observation. Escaping to Mai's hideout, the two journeyed to Capsule Corp. HQ in West City, only to be attacked again by Black. A user on gamefaqs claims the raid just ended in their time zone with the Goku Black Wig, Golden Gi and tp medals as rewards. Will you do it?! He concocted a plan to remove Mortals from the equation entirely, in order to create a peaceful Universe (and even Omniverse as his plans grew in scope). With his new form, he traveled to Earth to find Goku at his home farm - now in Zamasu's body, and understandably confused - and murdered him, followed by his Wife Chi-Chi and their son Goten. or. Zero Humans Plan I'm pretty sure ningen is human not mortals Godccolo ( talk ) 19:51, October 9, 2016 (UTC) It does literally mean "humans", but in this context, it is treated as "mortals". Zero Mortals Plan! UPDATED! But, using a Kioshin Time-Ring, Gowasu offered to show Zamasu the Future of the Planet, hoping that some cultural development might have occurred. The trip were investigating a man named "Black", with the face of Goku but a power signature, recognised by Whis, similar to that of Gowasu's apprentice (this second fact the Universe 7 visitors did not disclose, choosing only to ask if they knew of a man resembling Goku.). The Time Patrol-Zamasu ConflictThe Universe 10 Succession CrisisThe Kaioshin Civil WarThe Zero Mortals ProjectProject:Zero Mortals Follow/Fav Zero Mortal Plan: Reawakened. Zamasu complied... lil' bitch. For a time Zamasu showed contentment in his new position. The fight was continued by a Resistance movement, founded by Agent Mai (formerly of the Pilaf Empire, and a long time enemy of the real Goku) who over the next year would employ Guerrilla style tactics to stop or slow Black's extermination of the remaining life on Earth. Well, that didn't go as planned. The fallout between Goku Black and Zamasu has left the burden on you to help Zamasu with his Zero Mortal Plan! A young Kai named Zamasu, who was a pupil of mine before he turned to evil, helped Goku Black hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights... wait - no, sorry, wrong franchise..." - Gowasu. Collect Awakening Medals and Extreme Z-Awaken [Dawn of Darkest Justice] Zamasu (Goku)! Zero Mortals Plan (Conflict) - Dragon Ball Universe Wiki. Apparently the Zero mortal raid has the same rewards as last time. HUMAN RESISTANCEEarth Defence Forces †Resistance Fighters †Future TrunksFuture Mai---Z-FIGHTERSSon GokuVegeta---TIME PATROLTony ColdIced KovacsMax Stone The Zero-Mortals Plan is the scheme and battle devised by Terios and Future Shonzai to purge all lifeforms save from themselves. Cutting the fight short, Beerus took his party and returned to Universe 7. Mortals To both Gowasu and Zamasu's surprise (though neither Beerus' or Whis') Goku far surpassed Zamasu in combat. RedScotGaming Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. -----... Jump to. FUTURE TRUNKS SAGA MINI PACK Now available in Spanish and English (choosing other languages will make the game crash) First of all, you will find two versions: Story Mode and Free CAC Mode Story Mode (Recommended): Some quests will choose characters according to the anime original story so you won’t be able to choose […]. King of Earth †Future TrunksFuture Mai---Son GokuVegetaBulma Briefs---ChronoaElder KaiTony ColdIced Kovacs Casualties and Losses And yes, it involves vore. Join Planet Minecraft! During the attempted Escape however, time distortions rippling back from his earlier interventions to try and change his own history (by saving this timeline's Gohan from the Androids, and then staying to try and build a new life for himself in this timeline) caused the Time Machine to malfunction, leaving him open to a Black-Kamehameha, killing him. As it became more apparent that Black could not be defeated by conventional weapons, the Resistance strategy became one for simply buying time until Bulma Briefs of Capsule Corporation could finish work developing fuel for a previously created Time Machine. Zen-OhVarious KaisBeerus Wed 11/25/2020 04:00 pm PST. Eventually he went as far as suggesting that the Kais should intervene when a Mortal society has failed, by "wiping the slate clean" to start again. 【NEWS】Zero Mortals Plan!-----Increase your chance of obtaining bonus rewards with "Time Travelers" Category characters! Future GowasuFuture BeerusAll Future Timeline Kais and Gods of Destruction, Destruction of Zamasu's Physcial Form by Trunks, Unknown Billions-Trillions of other Mortals, All Future Timeline Kais and Gods of Destruction, "The Zero Mortal Plan begins today. But, he has a dark past. See more of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on Facebook. By: The Emerald Blight. He would never forgive... he would never forget... Then Gowasu wanted his Tea. Earth (Future)- West CityEarth (Present)- West City Endife is the son of Goku Black, a Kaioshin who took Goku's body and used it to slaughter billions. Create New Account. Date The envoys from Universe 7 were investigating attacks in their own Universe's Future by a mysterious being known only as "Black" - a genocidal maniac destroying that future, who also happened to have the face of Goku. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Is this the raid that gives Merged Zamasu’s clothing, or is there an alternate version of the same name that I’ll have to wait for? Next, using the Time-Ring to overcome the wait placed on their usage, he gathered the 7 Super Dragon Balls from Universe 6 and 7, using them to swap his physical form with that of a being of immense and ever improving power: Son Goku's. Apply and begin building your own modding community using our site technology, with no experience needed.Find out more about this amazing opportunity. 【NEWS】Zero Mortals Plan! Throughout his time as Apprentice Kaioshin, Zamasu expressed frustration o Gowasu about the destructive and disrespectful nature of the Mortals they are tasked with observing. Commanders and Leaders Locations and Theatres (B) Trunks and Fusion Zamasu clash during the final moments of the battle, moments before the Universe's erasure. Acting immediately in order to prevent any reprisals from the Gods of the other 11 Universes, Zamasu and the Zamasu with the power of Goku began to systematically murder the Supreme Kais of each of the Universe - destroying the Gods of Destruction in the process (in truth their only real threats) thanks to the inseparable link between a Kaioshin and a Destroyer. In Age 795, the combined remaining Military Forces of Earth launched a massive counter-offensive against Black, only to be completely destroyed. 5 … Defeat all enemies Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Rosé Goku Black and Super 17 Lose Conditions Edit. However, Beerus insisted and Gowasu suggested this would be a learning opportunity for his apprentice to deal with a Mortal directly. Instead, the future of the Babarians was continuous warfare, with one Tribal even attempting to attack Gowasu. It started with the fall of the Universe 10 Apprentice Surpeme Kai Zamasu, who questioned the role of the Gods with regards to Mortals, and led to the eventual assassination of the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 at the hands of Zamasu, the theft of Son Goku's body, murder of his family, and the near extinction of Humanity within the already deeply distorted "Future Timeline" (home of Future Trunks) by the joined forces of Future Zamasu, and Zamasu within the body of Goku - Goku Black. Re:Starting the Zero Mortals Plan From Zero Chapter 10 [Discussion] I am not the original creator, I'm just making this post for anyone who wants to discuss what happened and what will happen in the story. Force Strength Super Updates. Comments. Despite explaining that only a God of Destruction could wield such authority, Zamasu's frustrations over the role of Gods, justice and maintaining Universal balance continued. Join us! However, knowing the disapproval such a radical plan would receive from the other Gods and Kais of the Omniverse, he recognised his power would need to be absolute. All team HP depleted Zamasu is defeated Time expires Basic Reward Edit. Event Period 11/25 (Wed) 16:00 ~ 1/7/2021 (Thu) 15:59 PST * Caution: Event Times in Dokkan Battle are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST) instead of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Since they expected to be there a while, they set up a totally-not-gay log cabin for them to relax in on weekends. Recruit Zamasu to your team and Dokkan Awaken him into an LR! In their investigation, Beerus' handler, Whis, made a connection between the Ki (energy) of Black, and the Apprentice Kai of Universe 10, leading them to visit the Kais. Zero Mortal Plan; User Info: DumbassOverHere. Log In. It brings with it nothing but destruction, death and despair. Note: As of the introduction of The All-Time Tournament to the timeline of the multiverse, the Kai of Time of Universe 10 introduced a stable time-loop by becoming the one to recommend Zamasu to the position of "North" Kai, and later apprentice Supreme Kai - despite already having the historical knowledge that Zamasu was destined to be chosen regardless of her intervention. By: Super Deleto. Sub-Zero is the name of a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway Games and NetherRealm Studios.. Zamasu was a fighting prodigy, even among the Shinjin. DumbassOverHere 1 year ago #1. Divine Hierarchy I will end war. With nobody remaining to oppose them in this, the "Future" timeline, The so-called Zero Mortal Plan went into full effect, with Past Zamasu (who would go on to be named "Goku Black" by the resistance forces on Earth due to his appearance) annihilating the populations of countless worlds, before settling in for a prolonged and drawn out extermination of the Humans of Earth, and the last remaining Saiyan. Having grown to despise mortals, Zamasu comes up with a new use for the countless pests as he goes on one heck of a culinary tour while also making sure to complete his Zero Mortal Plan. For heir apparent of the title of Supreme Kai (Kaioshin), he chose the young "North" Kai, Zamasu. Fusion Zamasu Zamasu Gowasu attempted to soften Zamasu's attitude, however he was never truly successful. In other words - all other Gods must be removed. Despite Gowasu's hopes, this encounter had only solidified Zamsus conviction. Result Video Game Mods is a network of modding sites each run by its own Manager. Sections of this page. Event restrictions You are unable to use Dragon Stones to revive or continue if you are KO'd in the event. 7 Billion HumansUnknown Billions-Trillions of other MortalsFuture Bulma Briefs Event Details . Press alt + / to open this menu. "For over a thousand generations the Kaioshin were guardians of peace and justice throughout the Omniverse... before the dark times... before the Zero Mortal Plan. He questioned the "hand off" approach of merely observation over creation, and at times showed anger over the violence, and destruction wrought by mortalkind over an otherwise peaceful Universe. = Story = Zamasu continued his training under the tutelage of Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. However this acted as a means to secure Zamasu's fighting prowess for her team during the contest, without breaking the rule against sitting Kai's or other Gods participating. Execution of Zero Mortals Plan Zamasu: Max Lv: SA Lv: Rarity: Type: Cost: 1/10: 48 "The 1st Step of the Zero Mortals Plan shall be Executed!" UPDATED! Insulted by the hubris of this mortal and his aggressive demands to fight him, Zamasu refused, however Gowasu decided this might be an opportunity to learn more about the mortals whom he mistrusts. Taking out all of the Supreme Kai and by extension the gods of destruction and neutralizing the Angels is the obvious first step, but the original Zamasu put to much flair into everything else. Shortly after nearly being erased by the omnipotent Zeno black finds himself in this strange new universe. This fight comprises of the … Zamasu refused the offer aggressively, angered that a Mortal would so brazenly attempt to lay a hand on a Divine. He killed Gowasu, once again, and introduced himself, as himself, to... himself. Extinction of Humanity in Future TimelineDestruction of Zamasu's Physcial Form by TrunksMax Stone finds Zen-Oh Summon-ButtonErasure of Future Universe 7 by Zen-Oh I will end the needless cycle of those who would shed blood for petty reasons by taking that which they would wage war with. Sign Up. There was only one candidate: Zamasu. "Extreme Z-Area Zero Mortals Plan" is on! "Zero Mortals Plan" is on! Here he found a future version of himself, still serving as Tea-Bitch to Gowasu. He is a hybrid between Saiyan and Kaioshin, and is all the more powerful because of it. Copy link Quote reply Owner Putnam3145 commented Jul 25, 2017. You can Extreme Z-Awaken the LR character through this event! 1 Prelude 2 Early Stages 3 Middle Stages 4 End Stages 5 Aftermath 6 References 7 Navigation. Win Conditions Edit. After making one last batch of tea (probably pissed in it a little this time too) he stabbed Gowasu in the back while he drank, removing the potara from his corpse.

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